Monday, August 23, 2010

Chili Dogs!

While in Washington D.C a few weeks ago. Eric and I went to Ben's chili bowl. We had a half-smoke, a chili dog half hot dog/ half sausage, smothered in chili, diced onions and mustard.  We wanted to recreate what we had there at home. We tried to do it last week but I ran out of time and homemade chili. I still had half an onion though that I didn't use from my own chili. So our version of half-smokes for dinner. Eric picked up turkey sausage. We don't normally eat this much turkey it just keeps being on sale. Fresh buns, some Hormel Chili and dessert two oranges.  For a whopping total of $0.00

Once again I forgot to take a picture. Oy I need to step up my game. 
Eric cooked dinner this time so I'm not exactly sure of his process but it was very good.

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