Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First round sucess

Eric's cooking the first round of our dinner's came out amazing. For a total of $8.21 cents we had an amazing dinner. In fact he didn't just feed the two of us. He fed 3 since his brother came over to visit. Our dinner included Cajun catfish, garlic grits, and fresh green beans.  It was really great and tasted even better since we spent so little on it. I didn't watch his process, but he baked the fish, and made traditional grits on the stove. The green beans he sauteed with seasoning.

Dinner Breakdown
Green Beans            $1.16
Cajun Catfish Filet   $4.96
Quaker White Grits  $1.87

order total= $7.99
with tax      $8.31
Tonight's dinner is up to me.

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