Monday, August 23, 2010

Farmers Markets

I've sort of been on a crazy hiatus from my eight dollar dinners. I went on vacation again, my Dad came over for dinner. I made a roast chicken, veggies and risotto all under my eight dollar mark, but I know the cheese Eric bought to share kicked us over our budget. It was the first time my Dad has come over for dinner so I didn't want to cheap out. My Dad was lonely My Mom and brother were still away in Michigan so I said come on over for dinner. It was good times but now I need to get on track. Bringing me to the title of my post. Farmer's markets! Unlike most large cities Atlanta doesn't have many markets, but the two we do have are really good. So this past Sunday Eric and I trooped over to the Dekalb International Farmer's market. Eric had never been before. It's an amazing indoor market with produce, food and dairy from all over the world. We decided to spoil ourselves a little and do some grocery shopping and get dinner. So for the whopping total of $27.00 We got a ton of items. Ground Lamb for lamb burgers, buns, goat cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, onions, a bag of grapefruits, two fuji apples and two nectarines, a bagette, and two danishes. (We were hungry we don't usually buy pasteries.) ALL FOR $27.00. Why haven't I been doing this all along. So cheap, so good and so fresh. I am going back soon to make sure I stay on my $8.00 a day.

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