Monday, August 2, 2010

Eight Dollars a day.

Is it possible to create a good healthy dinner for eight dollars a day? Eric and I intend to find out.  We are setting out on a month long adventure to create good dinners each night for only $8.00. That has to include at least a protein and a vegetable. Tonight's the first night and Eric's cooking.

We arrived at this idea when we left our local grocery store and had dinner for around 9.00 and change. As we walked home we talked about how we could probably do it for eight dollars. We went on vacation and contemplated the idea a bit further. We both love to cook and thought this might be a really good challenge. Make us eat a little more conscientiously about what we put in to our bodies as well as how we spend or money.

**The eight dollars is what we have to spend that day. If we already have something in our pantry or fridge we are free to use it.  Spices and other extra seasonings aren't included in the price.**

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