Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dinner secret..

So I've come to realize that it is possible to do a healthy dinner for eight dollars. I've realized though that it is even easier to make a larger something and make it last for a few days. Especially during the work week. I'm very busy and don't always have or want to spend hours in the kitchen. That is where my crockpot has become a great friend.  Last week I bought a roast, a can of diced tomatoes and a can of french onion soup and an onion. I added all of this to my crock-pot along with some dried herbs, salt and pepper. I let it cook for almost 11 hours. While I was at work it was on low. after I got home I turned it on keep warm since Eric was working late. Woah, it was the best roast I've ever made. It completely fell apart.  I strained out the tomatoes and half an onion to top my roast and reduced down the remaining liquid to make a sauce. For a side I diced the potatoes and onion and roasted them in oil and seasoning until the were tender. Hands down this is my favorite easy meal. To make it even better It lasted 3 days. On the last day I bought some buns for sandwiches. The roast just fell apart like pulled pork.

Pot Roast $9.59
Can of diced tomatoes $0.79
French onion soup      $.89
Onion                       $1.00
Sweet Potato           $ 1.05
Potato                      $1.10
  = $14.42 

Buns $0.89

This super easy work week meal fed Eric and i for 3 days giving me a dinner total of $5.10 per person for two days. We couldn't eat at a fast food place for that.

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